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AQ stands for Asset Quality, and that\'s exacty what this cutting edge fusion of data, technology and intuition reveals.

Cash Flow Analysis

Analyze the cash flow of any investment.  You control variables such as estimated appreciation rates and financing terms.  We provide you with the best estimates for rental income from the industry leader, RentRange. View the Demo

Demographic Trends

AQ Provides you with insights on both macro and micro demographic trends.  View migration patterns, population growth and employment trends.  Gain an in-depth understanding of your target markets. View the Demo

Investment Education

Learn how to evaluate real estate markets and analyze properties from the leading residential real estate investment expert. View the Demo

Investing in single family real estate just got easier and less risky.

Introducing Stabilized Portfolios™, collections of homes that have been acquired, fixed, leased and converted into performing investments. Below is a national inventory of Stabilized Portfolios™, complete with all the information you need to do a professional evaluation.

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 To be made or become unlikely to change, fail, or decline.

A Stabilized Portfolio is a premium investment product comprised of rehabbed, leased and monetized single family homes. Professional investors have done the work of choosing, fixing, leasing and managing these homes to the level of performance depicted in the financial analysis. This is the easiest, most efficient way to secure a nest egg with single family homes.

Unlike bulk sales as they have commonly become known, Stabilized Portfolios are not opaque and mysterious. They are transparent, understandable and fully vetted. Risk has been diminished. The due diligence performed on OwnAmerica Stabilized Portfolios is comprehensive, and each portfolio is scored on a point scale of 1-10 based on the completeness of the due diligence performed.

  • Leases and Lease Abstracts (1 pt)
  • Profit and Loss Statement (1 pt)
  • Property Inspections (2 pts)
  • Interior and Exterior Video and Stills (2 pts)
  • BPO/CMAs (1 pt)
  • Pre-Underwritten Mortgage Terms (1 pt)
  • Title Reports (1 pt)
  • Insurance Quote (1 pt)

Each Stabilized Portfolio that enters OwnAmerica’s marketing channel will be rated on this scale, giving buyers confidence in the level of “stabilization evidence” that is available in the package. Property management is in place with all Stabilized Portfolios and buyers have the option in most cases of retaining the existing management company or choosing another.

Stabilized Portfolios can’t be broken up. They are sold in as-is condition as a package.






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