Listen to what our clients have to say about the OwnAmerica® Investment Platform

I just put my first offer on a property from an investor that I picked up on an Open House by using this program. We didn’t get the house, the competition was 9 offers and a cash buyer won out. But I still have the client and he wants to purchase 5 properties. So the game is still on!

I also picked up another lady, Nancy, last weekend from an Open House and she wants to buy a duplex and a 4 plex. Again, I believe I had the know how and to be able to show someone why I think a certain property is a good investment helped me get these two clients.

- Joe Mendez, Coldwell Banker Coastal Alliance

My clients absolutely LOVE this!

- Shawn Harris, Exit Metro Living

Greetings; I am a thirty eight year Broker, manager and trainer in the business and have a bunch of initials after my name, most of which are nice to have and have expanded my business and the business of my agents but few compare with this course.. This program ranks among the very best in practical knowledge and I look forward to assisting all of my brokers as they learn the valuable lessons in the OwnAmerica Certification.

- Steve Cramer, EXIT One Realty

You have opened up a whole new perspective for me, thank you. This makes so much sense………..

- Barry Smith, EXIT Realty SCV

It is very, very, very useful information. For buyers, sellers, new investors and ME. While is deciding between converting a home into a rental, or before buying a property or even promoting and marketing a property for sale. Simply great!

- Claudia Kremer, Prudential Georgia Realty

What a GREAT message!! Thanks so much.

- Kurt Negaard, RE/MAX Commonwealth

For those of us that have a book of REO business and see it trending downward, is there any question that expanding our services to investors and using that knowledge to provide value increases business opportunities? Our Short Sale business also gets a boost from our relationship with investors. What do we all need when listing a short sale? An offer! I like handling both sides of a short sale :)

- Steve Rice, Keller Williams

I love these tools. I have always had the ability to choose good investments but I was never great at communicating or explaining in detail why these were such good investments. The math is simple for me but to explain it without these tools was difficult. I just did a study on a duplex I sold and I can’t wait to send my clients the results. I am so excited about this!!!

- Corinna York, Keller Williams

I just calculated a condo I purchased last year and including the $10,000 in upgrades I am happy to report an 8.7% return on my cash investment. A whole lot better than I was getting in the bank.

- Debra Dooney, Watson Realty Corp

I found this Webinar to be extremely informative and motivating! I am digging into the material and excited about the New Year!

- Leslie Ambrosio, RE/MAX Alliance Group

Thank You for the history lesson. WOW, this makes too much sense. History ALWAYS repeats itself.

- Bill Carter, Prudential Georgia Realty

The survey was interesting! It was a broad response but the common answer I got was to the the “Have you ever considered investing in real estate as a way to secure retirement? All said yes and 2 already have. Sounds like opportunity!

- Leslie Spennato, Prudential Georgia Realty

Very useful information! I just did one SF residential property, one TH and one Duplex. All had positive cash flow, and as Greg advised all had purchase prices of $100K or less. (The lower the purchase price, the higher the ROI.) Expenses included a property management fee. The SF residential property had a Cap rate of 21% and a Cash on Cash Return of 61% . There is a fabulous opportunity to acquire high performing rental property in the Metro Atlanta suburbs. Anyone interested? Thanks Greg! Loved doing the calculations!!

- Linda Torres, Prudential Georgia Realty

Doing these case studies is such great exercises. It is amazing to see how changing one number can change your entire investment. I love these tools! Excited to use them in “real” life situations.

- Jillian Bruening, Illustrated Properties

This is my favorite feature so far! I can’t wait to start using this in my investor and buyer presentations!

- Kathy Herron, Coldwell Banker Premier

This is the best system I have ever used. The reports are amazing! I have been using the Realist program on my MLS, but this Property Report system is out of this world!

- Jennifer Stroh, Century 21 The Edge


- Linda Brunning, ERA Caputo

Enjoyed the program and now have the confidence and tools and ideas to go out (SW Florida market) and help new and seasoned investors “Own more of America”….I’m excited!

- Helen Schein, K Burton & Associates

Wow.. I am embarrassed. I’ve been doing this stuff for over 10 years, and this is the first time I totally understand these things — Great detailed explanation!

- Danny Thompson, Keller Williams International

Two current Investors will benefit from me understanding these Calculations Fully…one a 3 Multi-Family Purchase, the other a 2 Multi-Family Sale or possibly hold and Rent until the Market Improves.

- Martha Woodhouse, Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty

Thank you Greg!!!! I love this information — I had it in finance classes years ago in college, but appreciate the practical usage and how to get it in social media. Actually, I REALLY appreciate the information on how to use the social media which I tend to stay away from — until now.

- Sally Ford, Milestone Realty Consultants, LLC

Your approach to “legitimate” and “practical” real estate investing by “qualified” investors is so common sense oriented that it’s more refreshing to me than you know! It puts a whole new perspective on the real estate business! Thank you for turning the light back on!

- Greg Lancaster, Century 21 North Homes Realty

Last week during a casual conversation with a colleague about the current market cycle and timing for investment real estate, I showed her why the timing is ripe for targeting potential investors. Yesterday, she approached me indicating she did not have the skill set to talk about investment real estate. She asked if I would be interested to speak with her Financial Planner who is considering purchasing real estate as an investor. Have reached out to Financial Planner in the hopes that we can sit down and have a conversation. Who knows where this could lead. I am told she has clients she may want to put in to real estate also.

- Michael White, Rose and Womble RE

Amazing resources – makes analysis so much easier!

- Dan Stuenzi, Omaha Buyer’s Broker, LLC

Really makes your interest in investing in property more acute and the method of doing the research is easy!

- Joan Terrell, Century 21 Beggins

Great content—very glad I signed up for the course

- Sunita Arora, ERA One Source Realty