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Dallas, TX SFR Portfolio - 22 Properties

Owner Price


Financials & Assumptions





Net Operating Income

$ 160,336

Expense Load

40.39 %

Total Cash Outlay

$ 2,585,000

Net Yield

6.20 %

Cash Flow

$ 160,336

Cash On Cash

6.20 %

Rate of Return

10.70 %

* This expense item is an estimate based on industry standards.

Cash Flow

30 year projections based on the rent and expense assumptions in the Financials & Assumptions section of this report.

Investor Equity

The build up of equity based on the price, mortgage balance, and home price appreciation assumptions used in the Financials & Assumptions section.

Listing Description

This is a long term owned portfolio. When properties come vacant, a complete make-ready is done and deferred maintenance is taken care of at that time. Throughout the lease period, we take care of maintenance issues as they come up. That would include replacing HVAC, water heaters, appliances, etc as needed. Service requests are completed within days of submittal. As would be expected, long-term tenant units might need more make ready work today than a property that was leased a year or two ago. In most cases, properties don't have much deferred maintenance. Most properties had new 30 yr dimensional shingle roofs put on in 2010. About 10 of them had new 30 year roofs put on in 2016. Many of these were ones that didn't get new roofs in 2010. Depending on the term of the past tenant, most make-ready costs are for paint and carpet/vinyl, mini blinds, cleaning, etc. In recent years, we have been installing the wood floor-looking sheet vinyl in wet areas and some living areas as well. Some properties have ceramic tile in the wet areas. Most homes have two tone paint schemes, include range and dishwasher if applicable. Tenants usually provide their own refrigerator.

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Listing Portfolio Properties (22)

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  • Arlington, TX 76011
  • 2.0 Beds / 1.0 Baths
  • Built in 1948
  • 816 Sqft / $92 / sqft
  • Monthly Rent: $875
  • Gross Yield: 14.0 %
  • Net Income: $6,402
  • Net Yield: 8.54%

  • Arlington, TX 76010
  • 3.0 Beds / 1.5 Baths
  • Built in 1960
  • 1084 Sqft / $81 / sqft
  • Monthly Rent: $820
  • Gross Yield: 11.2 %
  • Net Income: $5,731
  • Net Yield: 6.51%

  • Arlington, TX 76013
  • 3.0 Beds / 2.0 Baths
  • Built in 1974
  • 1400 Sqft / $64 / sqft
  • Monthly Rent: $1,195
  • Gross Yield: 15.9 %
  • Net Income: $6,647
  • Net Yield: 7.39%

  • Arlington, TX 76018
  • 3.0 Beds / 2.0 Baths
  • Built in 1985
  • 1136 Sqft / $119 / sqft
  • Monthly Rent: $1,250
  • Gross Yield: 11.1 %
  • Net Income: $8,984
  • Net Yield: 6.65%

  • Keller, TX 76248
  • 3.0 Beds / 2.0 Baths
  • Built in 1985
  • 1044 Sqft / $136 / sqft
  • Monthly Rent: $1,120
  • Gross Yield: 9.5 %
  • Net Income: $7,683
  • Net Yield: 5.41%

  • Arlington, TX 76010
  • 3.0 Beds / 2.0 Baths
  • Built in 1964
  • 1258 Sqft / $99 / sqft
  • Monthly Rent: $1,100
  • Gross Yield: 10.6 %
  • Net Income: $7,984
  • Net Yield: 6.39%

  • Fort Worth, TX 76111
  • 3.0 Beds / 2.0 Baths
  • Built in 1956
  • 1186 Sqft / $80 / sqft
  • Monthly Rent: $865
  • Gross Yield: 10.9 %
  • Net Income: $5,791
  • Net Yield: 6.10%

  • Fort Worth, TX 76123
  • 3.0 Beds / 2.0 Baths
  • Built in 1985
  • 1219 Sqft / $98 / sqft
  • Monthly Rent: $945
  • Gross Yield: 9.5 %
  • Net Income: $6,046
  • Net Yield: 5.04%

  • Richland Hills, TX 76118
  • 3.0 Beds / 2.0 Baths
  • Built in 1956
  • 2024 Sqft / $96 / sqft
  • Monthly Rent: $1,495
  • Gross Yield: 9.2 %
  • Net Income: $12,892
  • Net Yield: 6.61%

  • Fort Worth, TX 76117
  • 4.0 Beds / 2.0 Baths
  • Built in 1958
  • 1390 Sqft / $83 / sqft
  • Monthly Rent: $1,095
  • Gross Yield: 11.4 %
  • Net Income: $7,982
  • Net Yield: 6.94%

Asset Quality Report


Why is Home Price Appreciation important?

Long term home price appreciation is measured to establish an Average Annual Home Price Appreciation Rate. The data set used for this chart goes back to 1998 - the longest term measurement of institutional quality data available. It encompasses the mild period in the late 1990's, the price volatility of the 2000's and the beginnings of the recovery. The contrast of the county, state and nation provides insight into the relative price point and volatility of the subject market.

Data source: Zillow.com

Average Annual Appreciation Rates:

National Average

3.44 %

State Average

4.14 %

County Average

4.47 %


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